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Vin Tag
Underhood Vin Plate

Your plate may look slightly different. Plates for cars older than 68 have a year spot on top to stamp the year. If you have a 1600, car number (vin) will start with SPL311 (left hand drive) or SP311 (rhd). SU carb'd 2000's are 135hp.The 1500 vin will start with SP310 (rhd) or SPL310 (lhd). Serves only decorative purpose, as it was held in by 4 sheet metal screws.

dash vin tag
Dash Vin Plate (1969-70)

This tag, on true 69 and 70 models, is located on the dash and is visible through the windshield on the drivers side. Unfortunately, this plate is mounted on the dash panel, not the cowl, so it is changeable if dash is removed.

Door Post Vin Plate (1969-70)

This tag, on true 69 and 70 models, is located on drivers rear door post. (Or the "B" pillar, for you true automotive enthusiasts!) These were just glued on until shortly after 1970 model production began. At that time a larger version of this tag was introduced that was riveted on.


Vin Fun
If you ever have to have your car inspected for licensing purposes you may run into some difficulty. We hope the information on this site will help you. I have had a few "discussions" with my own state, some of which have been a bit frustrating. Some books that they use show the roadster as a "unibody" car, with no separate frame. They will look all over the cowl looking for stamped-in numbers. Once after giving up trying to convince someone on the phone that it was not a unibody, I towed the car in. I could see that arguing the point further wasn't going to help so I gently suggested that maybe the VIN number was stamped in that big heavy black ladder-like part of the "unibody." That worked and I was on my way.



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