Datsun 2000 SRL 311 Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.


Gasket #110-29

Stud #082-05

2000 WATER OUTLET #110-36
Original part that has threaded port for thermo-vacuum advance switch. The 110-36 now comes with the hole plugged, for use if you have or are recurving your distributor or replacing it with a non USA spec unit. If you remove or disconnect the safety valve on top of your original water outlet, it is imperative that you recurve or replace your distributor. See ELEC FIRING page. This part has been redesigned to be heavier and more resistant to cracking. A zillion of these were broken during the cars' lives. Partly a design problem, it is still possible to break these. Breakage is caused usually by the thermostat slipping down out of its recess in the thermostat housing just before you tighten the bottom bolt. Then it is like breaking a stick over your knee. (SNAP...). Use a little grease to help stick the thermostat in place until you can get the water outlet safely tightened down.

Note: If want to keep your old distributor and thermo vacuum valve, you will have to remove the hex plug, but removing it will probably require drilling the plug out. Nissan used an extremely soft metal plug (but not brass so it wouldn't seize) with a non standard sized hex drive, and somehow managed to apply about 5 times the necessary torque! Would have been nice if they had just included a loose plug with the unit for the purchaser to install but that would have made too much sense. We made a snug fitting drive to remove one of these and the plug just rounded off internally.

You're on your own if housing breaks while you are trying to remove plug. In my younger days I would have just removed these one way or another myself, now I'd rather go play soccer with my dog.


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