SRL 311 Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.


This water outlet, from a different engine, can be used on a 2000 if you are not running the emission control system (it has no provision for the ignition safety valve). If you remove or disconnect the safety valve on top of your original water outlet, it is imperative that you recurve or replace your distributor. See ELEC FIRING page.

The stud holes are not quite the right distance apart, and you have to spend some time with a round file carefully elongating each hole so it will fit easily over the studs. You should also use the edge of a flat file to make a little vent slot in the back edge, like your original part has. This is only necessary if you aren't using the correct thermostat that has a decent sized self cleaning vent hole.


Gasket #110-29
Stud #082-05
Nut #089-01


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