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1600 PISTON SET (of 4) w/ Pins

These are the mild dome design that came in most of the 1600's originally. These maintain the original compression ratio. If your cylinder head has been milled over about .045 from it's original 3.248 thickness; you will need to lay a head gasket over it and recontour the "pockets" that the dome "visits" on it's way up, or face a loud tapping and some dented pistons. See the 1600 Piston Info Page for more details. You can also go to a flat top piston, which will alleviate most interference problems due to head milling and/or longer duration/increased lift cam profiles.

Many people at first glance think their domed pistons are flat. It isn't a dome like racing pistons, just a mild upward curve that is obvious if you look at it sideways or put it upside down on a flat surface. The flat tops do not rock at all if turned upside down on a tabletop.

Be sure to order rings unless listing says "w/rings". I'd recommend ordering piston pin bushings (in top of rods) as well when rebuilding your engine. They are often overlooked, and one of the most critical items due to an extremely small operating clearance.


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