SPL311 Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

Forty years of grinding starter motors can take their toll on your flywheel gear. When the teeth on the flywheel get to a certain point you start trashing starter motors and can eventually get to the situation where a part of the gear gets so bad you sometimes have a "bad spot." Cars like that are lots of fun, if you try to start the car at the bad spot, which you end up doing quite frequently as it will be where the engine naturally comes to rest between it's 4 compression strokes, you have to push the car in 4th gear a bit to get a new position. It's sure easier to just have your machine shop change this gear during a rebuild or clutch job.

Gear is designed for all roadsters that originally came with 2 carbs. I believe this may not work on the 1963 single carb cars.

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