Datsun Roadster Fuel Pumps

Some of the original fuel pumps from the 60s had a much thinner mounting flange. (about half the thickness of the pictured pump) They were prone to cracking around the mounting holes. If your car still has the thin flange type pump, you may need to replace the studs in the block with some longer ones. The 1500 engines and the 1600 engines below R40000 have SAE threads, in this case 5/16 coarse. Later 1600 engines use 8mm x 1.25 thread studs. You can also use bolts, although studs are a better way to go.

The 63-67.5 and some of the early 68 pumps were designed to take a metal output line fitting; and the input and output direction was the reverse of the later pumps. Later cars used rubber fuel line on both the input and output fittings. They made the switch at 1600 engine number R-59199 and 2000 engine number U20-02692. Approximate VINs at change were SPL311-17400 and SRL311-02220. After 40-45 years though, either one could be on your car... You can use either type line but the fuel direction through pump must match.

Pump includes 2 gaskets, order a new spacer block if your old one has any problems. ALL pumps need to have the spacer installed. Sometimes the old spacer can be hidden in grime and look to be just an extension of the mounting area on the engine so I would suggest cleaning up the area so you know you are just installing one spacer.

NOTE: You will need to swap your old fitting on to the new pump. If you are in a situation where you have no fitting; let us know by email and we'll try to find a solution for the situation.

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SPL311 SRL311 Fuel Pumps from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.