Datsun Roadster 4-Blade Fan and Block from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

Kit Contains Fan, Block and Bolts

The percentage of 1968-70 fan clutches that failed was tremendous, and Nissan came out with a solid block to replace it. The original clutch was also an unbalanced blob hanging on the end of the water pump shaft which is not conducive to long water pump life. Originally along with the fan clutch a 7-blade fan was added to try to bring the engine temperatures down during situations of extreme heat due the distributor that had to be installed on the engines to meet the smog idle test.

Locking up the 7-blade fan permanently is a large power drag and makes the car sound like a hurricane. The solution? Go back to the non-USA 4-blade fan.

NOTE: Current fan blocks utilize the original 1.25 hole for the fan; but they fit on the 1.5 projection on the 67.5 -70 2000 and 68-70 1600 waterpumps.

4-BLADE FAN AND BLOCK (68-70 1600; 67.5-70 2000)

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