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WATER PUMP 63-67 1/2 1500/1600 #210-22
Fan holes are 1 11/16 apart, center to center, when measured along the "sides" of the flange (not measured diagonally over the center). You can also measure the "right side" of one hole to the "right side" of the next hole if that is easier then trying to see the "center" of the holes. If you have the pulley off, the bolt pattern is easier to measure than using the pump

Flange height (distance from backside of rear plate to flange surface that pulley rides on is 4 9/16 inches. It takes a single groove pulley.

This was designed to work with a 2-piece metal fan. Only the 68-70 pumps were designed to have a 1 inch spacer block behind the water pump and a 1" spacer block (to replace the defective fan clutches) between the pulley and the fan.

After 35+ years your car could have almost anything cobbled up to work on it. This is a correct part for a USA 63-67 1/2 roadster. (Or at least these specifications...) There are lots of different pumps as this engine was used in other applications. Using the newer style pumps present problems as the radiator (and its location), fan shroud, fan, pulley, alternator, alternator brackets, radiator hoses alternator location, and crank pulley were different as well.

Sometimes engines get swapped by owners or mechanics that don't know the differences in or have access to all the auxiliary parts. The changeover to the 68 -70 parts happened at approximately engine #R 58000


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