Datsun 1600 - 2000 Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

AIR GUIDE 1600/2000



Original equipment on all 1600 and 2000 cars, this helps direct air into the radiator instead of underneath it. About 15 1/2" wide, this mounts directly below and in front of the radiator. The part shown above is for the 67 1/2 -70 cars, the 65-67 part (shown on right below) is no longer available; at least new.

The later part can be used on the 65-67 1600 by modifying the mounting brackets. There are two side mount brackets. To make the later part work on the earlier cars you need to drill two mounting holes in the brackets and then trim the excess material off so it looks similar to the part on the right below. Presto a 65-67 part! #214-01 67 1/2-70 on the left; #214-21 65-67 1600 on the right.

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