Datsun SRL311 Radiator Hose


1968 and 1969 to SRL311-09000

#215-13W .......Nissan ..
#215-13A .... Aftermarket

For use on 1968-69 Datsun 2000's SRL311-01000-09000. These cars came with the Type A steering box. The 215-13W is an original Nissan Hose with the webbed covering. The 215-13A is an aftermarket hose without the web covering.



1969 and 1970 from SRL311-09000

#215-14 .Nissan ..

For use on 1968-69 Datsun 2000's SRL311 09000 and higher. These cars came with the Type B steering box.

USING THE 68-69 (Type A Steering Box) HOSES ON A 69-70 (Type B Steering Box).

Many people have used the older style hose either out of ignorance or from sloppy work by someone looking up the parts. Although they will attach to the appropriate spots; you can see above the 69-70 hose (215-14) hose has a flattened or "oval" section in its midsection. This is because the design of the Type B steering box required relocating the steering box and radiator.

Slapping on the older hose and just shutting the hood and forgetting about it normally results in the steering shaft U-joint carving into the hose; sometimes very quickly; depending on how the hose is twisted in place when tightening the radiator end of it.

If you plan on going this route just be aware of this fact. You can strap the hose away from the U-joint to help; or put a band of metal around the hose and squeeze the band to keep the hose in an oval shape instead of being complete round throughout its length.

The 69-70 hose can be used on the 68-69 cars but there is usually no reason to as we do a pretty good job of keeping both in stock.

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