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These distributors are the non-USA version. Even though the cars are all 44+ years old and many states that have emission programs don't inspect the old cars, it may still be illegal to install this in your car.

Cars destined for North America for the 1968-70 model years had a distributor that was designed to pass an idle test. Unfortunately the cars had a tendency to overheat and/or run poorly with this design. And to make matters worse, whatever smog savings were lost in short order as the advance springs became useless pretty soon as well. The result? The cars polluted worse than if a more normal (non-USA) design distributor had been fitted. These "non-smog" distributors can also be used with your air injection system as well. If you plan to do this please let us know at time of order and we can let you know what changes if any, need to be done.

If your electrical advance settings throughout the rpm range are not correct it is pointless to try to adjust your carburetors as you are just compounding the problem. A well tuned car, even with a "non-smog" distributor, will be far more efficient, pleasant to drive, and will probably have a lower smog output then your typical untuned roadster with an incorrectly operating "smog" distributor. This is my OPINION, I don't offer anything as "FACT".

Also useable on the 1500; this more modern version will make replacement parts more available and more economical to you.

DISTRIBUTOR ASSY #221-02 (2000)

DISTRIBUTOR ASSY #221-01 (1600)

DISTRIBUTOR ASSY #221-03 (1500)

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