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The only hose still available in Japan is the hose on the left.

There were three different distributor oil hoses. The hose on the right was used from engine number U20-00001 to U20-02338.It uses a brake line type flare into the distributor housing and no restrictor nozzle. The cast iron distributor housing was made to work with this brake line fitting. After engine number U20 02339 another hose with the same shape as the one on the right was used, that had a flow restrictor in it, and a brass collar on the end of the line that goes inside the distributor housing.

Some of the 70 cars (very few) used the #224-07 line on the left which is a different shape. The shape was changed because the distributor cast iron mount was changed. On these cars the oil hole in the housing points directly at the tire, not halfway between the firewall and the tire as the older cars were. Unfortunately very few cars came with the late 70 style housing but that shape rare hose is the part Nissan Japan manufacturers for all engines! The later housing is NOT available either to make using the wrong hose easy!.

It is possible to use the later style line but it takes some very careful bending with a tubing bender and a skilled hand. I used to have a fellow that did these for me but is not available anymore. Even after the end on top is bent the flexible part of the hose still has to operate with a bit of stress on it. So it CAN be done, but it's a hassle.

The flexible section I am assuming is to allow for the different positions it is in when the timing is altered. Somehow the 1600 seems to work just fine with a solid line. You could also use the 1600 type if you use the 1600 line, the 1600 housing and the 1600 fitting on the block. (Fitting is very rare) The only other solution we have is if you have the 67/early 68 type brake flare type line and housing is to switch to the 1600 parts as the 224-07 hose will not hook up..

If you want to order the 70 style and bend it, use the #224-07 part number on your order.


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