Datsun Roadster Alternator Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



1600 - 2000

First, these are the parts for the original alternator; typically a Mitsubishi. There are also Hitachi's which I think take different parts; and a host of other brands that have found their way on to these cars. You may even have a Mitsubishi that is newer than the original that is different. Take a looK at yours before ordering. Measurements: Main body of brush is about 1/4 inch by 17/64 by 1/2 inch long. Spring is about 1 1/32 inch long; and about 7/32 inch diameter.

When you order one of the brush part number #231-12 you get 2 brushes and 2 springs. If you holder is damaged; when you order one of #231-23 you get one holder; 2 brushes and 2 springs.

BRUSH HOLDER NOTE: This is the holder for the 65-67.5 1600 (3-"thin" ear alternator) which is technically different than the part for the 67.5-70 2000 and the 68-70 (2 ear (1 thick ear, 1 thin ear) alternator. The main difference is the method of attaching the wires. Both types should be soldered even though the later type has a little clamp bracket which can come loose. We have used these on the later alternators in the past.

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Datsun SPL311 SRL311 Alternator Brush from Rallye Roadster