Datsun Roadster Voltage Regulator from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.




65-70 1500 1600 2000

Earlier style cable. This one has one extra wire to run to the body. It has a female "bullet" junction connector on it.

Some cars connect this to the frame; some to the engine block. If you connect it to the frame; make sure their is an equally heavy cable connecting the frame to the engine. In the early days these could be found over by the starter motor. The early cars originally connected to one of the bellhousing bolts that hold the starter; and ran over to a nut welded into the frame. It doesn't matter where; that was the best location to ensure the starter was properly grounded. If you've ever tried to start a car and noticed either it wouldn't start or that the throttle cable was glowing orange; that is a definite clue this extra ground cable is not doing its job or is missing.

If you connect the ground cable to the engine; make sure there is about a 10-12 gauge wire running from the body of the car to the frame; and from the frame to the engine. One of the alternator attaching bolts if the car has a right mounted alternator and one of the regulator mounting screws are good spots. Always ensure both locations are clean and bright and dry and tight. Bad grounds I think are the reason for 50% of all electrical problems; maybe more!

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