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Datsun Roadster Hood Harness

1968 2000* - #240-47
(DN24-12 is same harness in condition described on Odds and Ends Page

If no price is shown for 240-47 on the ELEC HARNESS page only the DN24-12 version of it is currently available.
This a harness for cars that were originally shipped to non-USA "Left Hand Drive" countries. It is of course designed for an engine with the alternator mounted on the passenger side since other countries had no smog system.

It can be used on a USA car but has some differences. It will have some extra plugs that will go nowhere on your car that need to be taped up for appearance and protection of the electrical circuits. Non USA cars had a "Passing Light" System which allows you to rock the high beam lever on your steering column back and forth without having the switch actually change the light status from high to low beams. In Europe for instance it is common to blink your lights to pass someone in the left lane by doing this; and is not considered rude behavior. Many places don't have (or didn't have) speed limits. Europeans (I have heard) seem to know not to putt along in the left lane blocking even normal moving traffic like so many people do here. There's a very cool movie with Robert DeNiro called I think "Ronin".; one of the best Euro driving movies I've seen other than "The Italian Job" that has the three Minis being chased all over the place.

If you could somehow find the special relay and the special turn switch as used on the LHD Euro cars you could convert; here you just have to click it to make the change up and down; assuming you want to pretend to be "European".

*Can be used on a 1600 with some work. The 2000 has its temperature sender wire coming out of the dash harness on the passenger side by the coil. The 1600 has its temp sender wire running inside the hood harness on the drivers side after leaving the dash harness in one of the plug-ins above the clutch pedal under the dash. This simple modification allows use of 1600 harnesses on 2000s and vice versa.

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