Datsun 1600 2000 Battery Bracket from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



24431-14801 Battery Bracket Datsun Roadster


65-67 1500/1600
(with long narrow battery)

BATTERY J-HOOK 244-10 65-70

This bracket fits 65-67 1500/1600 with original narrow style battery; up to 4 3/4" thick. Also shown is 244-10 long hook which is used on all 65-70 cars. The other hook is just a shorter straight hook. Order parts separately as required.

The 244-10 J-Hook shown is NLA (No Longer Available); we have kept picture up for ID purposes. You can also use the 244-05 Bracket for the 244-11.. Measurements are the same but the style (look) is different.

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