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CLUTCH TOOL 1600/2000 #305-21

Necessary for installing a clutch disc. This holds the disc centered while you EVENLY tighten pressure plate bolts. This guarantees transmission pilot shaft will slide in as easy as possible and not damage disc while you are letting the transmission hang on disc while you figure out why it won't go in... :-(

When I was a resourceful 16 year old spending my time with a growing "fleet" of 57-58 Plymouths I must have whittled down every wooden shaft I could find; my mom's broom/mop/bathroom plunger etc handles to make something like this tool. This would have saved much yelling in my house. It was apparently all right that I filled their garage with my junkers; leaving my dad to park and work on his own car outside in the winter. Crossing the line into upsetting the house was to put it mildly; unacceptable behavior.

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