Datsun SPL212 SPL213 SPL310 TRANSMISSION BOOT from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



#328-48 on left; #328-C3 on the right
The SPL310, SPL212, and SPL213 and many other pre 66 Datsuns use a boot that is right on the transmission; below the floor mounted boots to keep junk from getting in the shifter mechanism.

The larger boot on the left is correct for the 1500 roadsters. It is about 2 7/8" across.

The smaller one; about 2 1/4" across can also be used; if used with a flap of generic sheet neoprene or rubber underneath it. Both items long discontinued by Nissan so what we have is all there is. The smaller one comes from an early 60s truck.

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Datsun ROADSTER 1200 1500 TRANSMISSION BOOT from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.