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Datsun Roadster DASHCOVER IV 68-70


In the 70's there was no viable solution to the cracked dash syndrome. The roadster windshield acts like a great magnifying glass and concentrates a heat beam above the clock that really did a number on most dashes that had to live uncovered outside.

We believe we were the first company to make and advertise this product FOR ANY CAR. Now this type of product is made in hundreds or thousands of applications. Actually at about the same time there was a gentleman in Sacramento, California working on the same type of product for the Z car, but I'm pretty sure we beat him to marketing the product. (That was before the internet days, and I sure wish I'd known of his work then!)

We were turned down by a lot of plastic companies when we approached them. The cover had to have a heck of a wrap to it, making removal from the mold tool difficult. It had to fit OVER a non machined, variable size part (all those foam dashes that were who knows what size). After fitting protoypes on to A LOT of dashes we came up with a happy medium. It was a difficult project because we lacked the plastic manufacturing expertise which would have been helpful in dealing with the manufacturers.

As more years passed, other manufacturers did more head scratching and modified the original designs into what you see today.

I'd like to take credit for the idea but I can't. The originator of this, at least on our end, was the always cheerful, never-say-die owner of Continental Carpets, Doug Polhamius. He suggested "shrink-wrapping" the dash, like new toys on display, with a textured cover. It seems so simple now, but in 1978 you should have seen the looks we received asking manufacturers to help us. I wonder if any of them remember us when they go to a trade show and see so many products like this on the market?



Here is an economical time proven solution. This cover is heavy enough to bridge dents or missing chunks of your old dash. Just trim any protruding edges and install over the old dash.

This dashcover is the 4th revision to the cover we pioneered in 1980. It covers the lower part of the dash even farther and still goes all the way to the windshield weatherstrip up on top of the dash.

Although most people use glue (included), some feel it's fine just sitting on the old dash.

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