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NOTE: Hobrecht has disappeared off the face of the planet. We started buying from them in 1973 and were sad to see them retire some years back. What we have in stock is all that remains.

We have been using this bar since 1973, when I installed one in my own roadster; and have since sold hundreds? of them. An excellent design, that fits both high and low windshield roadsters. Main legs sit right above a strong body support bracket (part of cars's frame). Bar does not end up blocking the rear view mirror. Also designed to clear the hardtops made by Custom Hardtops (Snugtop) and Dynaplastics. These bars are shipped unboxed and the paint may need touching up, but they come in "easy-to-touchup" black.

Having a bar in a car will work with the softop but you will have to carefully work the frame over it putting it up and down. The bar is as high and as wide as possible. Any less defeats the purpose of having one. It will also make it more difficult if you plan on using a top boot when your top is down. Seat travel and ability to recline can also be affected. There is a little leeway on how it is mounted on the floor, we always mount it as high as possible as the seat position is more important then anything else after the heighth of the bar.

These bars are built for heighth and do a good job with the seat situation as they are wide enough that the headrests can just clear them on the side a little bit. Tubing diameter is 2 inches.

Bars would need to be paid for with a US Post Office Money Order. There is also a liability waiver that needs to be received. You can print out an emailed copy and mail it back or we can paper-mail you a copy.

With 72 hours notice these can be picked up as well; if you have the waiver in hand.

This waiver is necessary in today's litigeous society as some people believe having this bar will allow them to drive drunk and then survive going off a cliff or getting hit by a dump truck. It won't. This is not a structural roll cage. You would not be able to have a top or opening doors or a windshield with a proper roll cage. You would also need to be wearing a helmet; fire suit; and have a automatic fire suppresion system in the car. Most manufacturer's stopped calling these "roll bars" in the 80s and began using "show bars".

I have purchased many rollovers and have yet to see one of these bars affected in a negative way. I have also seen rollovers where the hardtop; although breaking in the process; was able to protect the occupants. What WILL help these bars help you; as well as the flimsy seat belt mounts and seat mounts in the roadster; is to either use progressively larger and larger washers (up to 3 inches in diameter) and/or home built reinforcement plates on the underside of the car. The edges of the washers or plates should be bent away from the floor slightly and/or buffed to reduce their sharpness. This protects the floor from tearing.

As some of you may remember; I personally tested a roadster structurally when a drunk in a 65 Mustang came across the center line of a four lane highway when we were both doing about 50.


Atrocious, hideous, unbelievable, unfathomable, mind blowing; as is shipping on all large objects these days.

We are selling them delivered at $550 in the '48 states; to lower stock. And picking them up is also possible with notice (see above).

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