Datsun Roadsters Performance Portfolio Book



Note: The insert should be viewed as a sort of historical document. Since being printed 20-24 years ago a lot has changed. The articles and tech info of course aren't out of date, but the website is 20 years newer. Any comments about company policies, operating hours, prices, kit contents or closeout items should not be viewed as accurate. Consult the website for those items, it is updated almost daily.

"The "TECH INSERT," or "Owners Guide" as some have called it, which was the catalog insert to our 1988 and 1992 catalogs is currently not available. It is an 80 page booklet that has parts added since the last catalog was introduced, as well as magazine articles on the Datsun Roadster. There is a question and answer section that discusses most of the things that you need to know to keep your roadster running happily along. Many of the serious problems can be avoided for a tiny amount of time and money. This is not a service manual, but with the knowledge you can gain from some time spent reading, you may be able to spend more time driving your car instead of repairing it. Why not learn how to prevent the problems before they occur? How does that old saying go? "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?" Reading "The 90 Most Asked Questions" and going through "The 35 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make" will allow you to prevent or solve most of the problems that can occur.


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