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Datsun 1500 1600 ENGINE HOOK Info
Part #100-02U (the "U" indicates a Used Part) is a combination alternator bar mount and engine lifting hook for the 3-hole thermostat housing heads. The view of this part is as if you were looking at the part from a vantage point above the center of the engine. Usually only found on engines up to R-10606; although some had alternator stud in the cylinder head.

Part #100-03 is an engine hook for the 2-hole thermostat housing engines. It mounts underneath the thermostat housing.

Part #100-04U is an alternator mount for 2-hole thermostat cars older than 1968. I've also seen these used as engine hook points so have placed the item on this page.

Part #100-05 was designed to be on the rear driver's side headbolts. Originally the cars came with one longer headbolt for this spot. Many many people have put the longer bolt somewhere else without the bracket; causing a torque wrench to say "it's tight!" when in fact it hasn't been since the longer bolt would bottom out in the hole BEFORE pulling the head tight. Typically I would know this if someone said their head gasket keeps blowing..."in different places..." (because the long bolt was continually moved around).

When attaching any hook to a stud; remove any other washers so hook is placed as close as possible to the head or block. I would consider replacing an exhaust stud before use as after many years of use they can become brittle. I would also suggest that even when using an adjusting bar on an engine lifting device to remove the valve cover. It's amazing how things can slip and break a cover. Removing the front grill may save you some financial pain as well.

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