Datsun 2000 Roadster Engine Hooks from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

Datsun 2000 ENGINE HOOK Info
Part #100-08 is the original rear 2000 engine hook; designed to attach to the two rearmost manifold studs. The 100-07 was a later Nissan replacement for the #100-08. The #100-06 is an original front hook that attached to one of the 8mm studs that the front cylinder head inspection plate attaches to. The 100-09 is another Nissan bracket we use sometimes.

You can also check the ENGINE EXTERNAL page in the USED PARTS listings as well to save a buck; and some hooks are only available used.

When attaching any hook to a stud; remove any other washers so hook is placed as close as possible to the head or block. I would also suggest that even when using an adjusting bar on an engine lifting device remove the cam (valve) cover. It's amazing how things can slip and break a cover. I would also suggest removing the front grill.

The 100-06, 100-07 and 100-08 are not currently available new and hard to keep in stock used.

The 100-09 could be used on the front where the 100-06 would attach on the front of the head, lower 8mm stud.

We've used these on the rear but not always. The hole in the original manifold was very large and you could lift the engine with a single bolt hook like this and snap the manifold stud. I've even pulled engines and had BOTH of the rear manifold studs snap.

Not good.

I don't know the correct metallurgical terms; but the studs seem to "crystallize" with age and get weak. Having the holes in the manifold so big it allows the stud to try to "bend" without doing any lifting. You are also a great deal away from the head so the leverage is great. Normally we use these on a car with headers where the header mount holes are pretty close to the stud size.

I'm usually inclined to put a lift strap around the rear header/manifold tube. On the front I usually put a flexible lift strap on the hook instead of a chain.


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