Datsun Roadster Shift Boots from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



SHIFT BOOT INFO We were able to dig out very few of these in each variation. If you have a second choice please list it in your order to have the best chance of getting at least something. I haven't had time to go find nice shoelaces; tape them to a wire and fish them through the boots as so many of you have been waiting for me to do so am selling them both with and without the string.
"67.5" NOTE: Nissan actually made the change from the one piece "accordian" boot to the two piece vinyl and flat rubber lower boot at SPL311-12747 and SRL311-00034.

1967.5 DATSUN 1600 - 2000 SHIFT BOOT

751-01-W Nissan Original With Shoelace
751-01 Nissan Original Without Shoelace

(original "pebble" grain vinyl)

1967.5 DATSUN 1600 - 2000 SHIFT BOOT

751-01A-W Aftermarket With Shoelace
751-01A Aftermarket Without Shoelace

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Datsun SPL311 SRL311 Shift Boot from Rallye