Datsun Roadster Shift Boots from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



SHIFT BOOT INFO We were able to dig out very few of these in each variation. If you have a second choice please list it in your order to have the best chance of getting at least something. I haven't had time to go find nice shoelaces; tape them to a wire and fish them through the boots as so many of you have been waiting for me to do so am selling them both with and without the string.


1968-70 DATSUN 1600 SHIFT BOOT

751-02 Nissan Without Shoelace
751-02A-W Aftermarket With Shoelace
..Aftermarket Without Shoelace

This is held to the shift plate by the factory SHIFT BOOT RETAINING RING listed on the Interior, Misc. page (part #686-02)

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Datsun SPL311 Shift Boot from Rallye