Datsun Roadster FAN from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



DN21-22 (FITS BOTH with work)

DATSUN 1500 1600 FAN 63-67.5
DATSUN 1600 2000 FAN 68-70

Use on a 63-67.5
This is a later style Nissan fan. It is drilled however for the early bolt pattern (63-67.5) but is not useable with the original fan shroud as it is about an inch bigger than the 2 piece metal fan. You can only use this as a 63-67.5 fan if you modify a later 68-70 shroud to fit your radiator or are using a 68-70 radiator. The center hole fits all three of the 63-67.5 ROADSTER water pumps. (remember there are lots of pumps that will bolt on to these engines that have the wrong bolt pattern; or wrong flange height; or wrong center diameter) The basic G, R and H block designs have been available in different displacements and for different uses; cars, trucks, forklifts, industrial static rpm engines etc. Eventually Nissan started punching both fan bolt patterns into the fans.

Use on a 68-70
To use this on a 68-70 you will have to have your bolt pattern drilled into this fan. Center hole is 1.25 "; you can either use the 210-43 spacer block if still available; or a factory 67 2000 spacer block; or drill the fan center hole to 1.5" which the shop that would be drilling your new pattern would find an easy task.

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Datsun SPL311 SRL311 FAN from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.