Datsun Fairlady Roadster Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



Originally introduced on the 69 models, this panel can be used on all roadsters. It is designed to allow more air to hit the radiator. The two other aprons were superceded by this one. Comes with 623-01 grill support welded to it. The older style grill supports have a different hole style but can be replaced by this.

Most sheet metal parts from Nissan have bumps, dings, creases etc. of a minor nature. We don't attempt to catalog or photograph or even describe them. These parts were never stored in Japan or shipped with anything approaching good care. As many as possible were put in wooden crates with little or no separation. The "crates" were usually not even made from 2x4s; they were 2x2x or 1x2s or just slats. Some were so weak we could not off load them as crates we had to just let them fall apart and extract the contents as best possible. We have tried to photograph what we think of as "unusual" damage only.

In addition to the above described situation; this part has damage as shown above.


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