Datsun Roadster Front Quarter Panel from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.
Now in our 37th Year!



DN63-26 Original for 1969. Fits 67.5-70 if you fill sidelamp hole for 67.5-68 or alter sidelamp/park light hole for 1970 cars.

In the top picture you can see the fender has been pushed in below the brace that is on the inside of the fender where the fender meets the rocker panel. This is a common problem to varying degrees. The fender can support a good load down to where the inner brace stops.

In the bottom picture above you can see the crease that so many fenders have from being stacked on top of each other. The inner brace on one fender puts pressure on fender below it.

Nissan stored and shipped these as you would store and ship things to a landfill. I know as we had complete Nissan built storage/shipping containers filled with fenders shipped to us in the 70s.

The picture above is just to show the overall shape of a 69 right front fender. Only top pictures show this particular example (DN63-26).

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Now in our 37th Year!