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Original for 1970. See What Fits What Page to see how you can use this on other years. (Has different flare than 63-67)

Two spots shown; right next to each other; one looks like the fender was stabbed with an unbreakable pencil; the other depression is small; right next to the first.

Nissan stored and shipped these as you would store and ship things to a landfill. I know as we had complete Nissan built storage/shipping containers filled with body parts shipped to us in the 70s.

The picture above is just to show the overall shape of a 70 Right Front Fender. Only picture(s) on top of page show this particular example (DN63-45).

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1970 Datsun 2000 - Datsun 1600 Front Fender from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.