Datsun Roadster DashCap from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



1968-1970 DASHCOVER #DN68-16
This cover has the scratch has shown. It is not apparent from the driver's position when cover is in car and the brighter the light the less it seems to show up.


These new 68-70 #681-01 dash hard covers have very minor scratch(es), tooling mark(s) or imperfection(s). Sometimes a hole needs some finish filing to be the correct size. This goes really quick with a "dremel" tool so sometimes hand filing is better unless you are extremely careful.

The camera will not show most of these marks unless I light the dash in a manner you would never have in "real" life. Many of the marked dashes you have to pivot to in your hands to find some weird angle that allows you to see the mark. Sometimes a tiny bit of shoe polish,"Armorall" or even a tiny felt pen can touch it up as you would do when it gets marked up in use later on.

Some of the marks the camera cannot see at all; and it takes me a bit to be able to find them. The readily apparent problems are easy to photograph; I think many of these the manufacturer didn't catch and doesn't consider them necessarily flaws.

Many of the marks are on the part of the dash that slopes down towards the windshield making it impossible to see while in the car and difficult to see from outside the car because of the windshield

See the normal listing for this part in the NEW PARTS SECTIONS for more info.

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