SPL311 Emblem from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



DATSUN 1600 EMBLEM - - #DN79-13
One of the part number is for ONE emblelm.

A couple of examples of some emblems we received that have chrome that is not quite up to standards. When they are on the car or out of your hands this is not that noticeable; but Cynthia kicks these back at me when they across her ship table as "normal" parts.

They vary; I tried to grab a couple that I could tilt in the light to highlight defects.

Emblems are the same size; slight distance from camera and angle makes one look larger.

Nissan chrome was never anything "to write home about"; but these we feel; even though shiny; don't cut it. We've also sold these as "used" emblems.

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FAIRLADY SPL310 REAR EMBLEM from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.