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Above is general picture of what a REAR CENTER PANEL looks like...
Below is the shipping damage on this particular part


REAR CENTER PANEL #DN79-6 65-67 1/2*

*This is actually a 65-67 as it is not drilled for the separate "1600" and "2000" emblems that the 67 1/2s have. You'll need to drill those holes if you are going to reinstall a "1600" or "2000" emblem. The rear fenders overlap the rear center panel on the ends.

When Nissan stored these they were just stacked and jammed in a wooden crate. The latch bracket on the reverse side pushed on the panel below it making the impression in the lower part of the area behind the license plate. Almost all of the panels have this to some degree. Although they are all about the same we have decided to photo each one and list each one individually.

Using on a 68-70 or 63-64. Rear Center Panels vary by the angle of the license plate area. Later (68-70) cars had this area modified so license plate was mounted more vertically. The 69 and 70 panels have the two license light holes in them. The panel for the 63-64 has no provision to mount a trunk lock since those cars had the lock in the trunk handle. In some cases, on 65-67 vs 67 1/2's the emblem holes may be different. Otherwise, any panel can be FORCED to work. It is actually quite common to see this and other "mistakes" on cars, up to and including mismatched rear flares as in the old days when a car was hit, a body shop would just call up a wrecking yard and get a fender, or the Datsun dealer would order the wrong one. (The Nissan parts book is somewhat of a disaster sometimes as to what's what) Apparently no one noticed that the one they were getting was different.


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