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Datsun Roadster Mirror 96302-30000

Datsun Fairlady Mirror 96301-30000




Original equipment on the earliest Fairladys; these mirrors have been used on many different Datsuns. Some of the mirrors develop flaws in the reflective surface over time. These mirrors were manufactured 45-50 years ago. It is a slow process. Below are some examples of some blemished mirrors we have in the above shown model. These mirrors are what are known as " "convex" mirror. The more common name for this type of mirror is "fish eye". It provides a wider range of coverage than a typical mirror it's size. Single bolt mount, can be mounted on fender or door depending on which position works best for you. Stem can be twisted so mirror is mostly above the stem as shown above; or mounted so it is at the same height as stem.

DN96-19, LEFT
Small are on edge as shown

DN96-20, LEFT
Small areas on edge as shown


DN96-21, LEFT

DN96-22, LEFT

Small mark as on edge as shown

DN96-23, RIGHT

Small marks on edge as shown

DN96-24, LEFT
I had to drasically highlight this to get it to show in picture. Looking at the mirror out of doors as you would on a car you sometimes can't even see this odd mark on glass. Someday we'll just have a new glass cut for this if it doesn't sell.

DN96-25, RIGHT
Small rust colored spot in mirror as shown. I took picture against a dark shelf unit to show mark.

DN96-26, LEFT
Tiny mark on edge as shown

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