Datsun Roadster Original 67.5 Tonneau from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.






67.5 1600 2000 with Headrests

(+65-67 if using 67.5 seats and headrests)

We believe this is the last NOS 67.5 tonneau in existence. Can also be used on 65-67 if 67.5 seats when factory headrests are used.

The tonneau cover has a couple of flaws I didn't see when I originally checked it out some years back.

One is I think a lone thread that has decided to wander. It is not a rip but more like something on a seam? It is about 10 inches long total behind the drivers side headrest towards the rear of the tonneau.

(Top picture above). I took a bunch of pictures and this one was the one that showed it the best.

The other is about a 1/3 inch x 1/3 inch "L-shaped" actual tear. It is in front of the passenger headrest. This is the type of tear we usually see at the corners of the headrest pockets on used tonneaus from trying to force the headrest to go over headrests where the seat is too far forward or backwards located on the track sliders. (Shown above)

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