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DATSUN 1500 1600 2000 HARDTOP INFO
In the 1970s there were at least 5 companies manufacturing hardtops for sports cars. Unfortunately they have all disappeared or have gone on to other things. We sometimes have used hardtops, which vary in condition from excellent to "total restoration projects" to "great for holding up a tarp on a car parked outside".

We have no way to ship these, they are only available for local pickup. If you will be in the area and are interested in a hardtop, please see the current list (if any) on the Used Top & Tonneau Page.

The 68, 69 and 70 hardtops are interchangeable. The cars before 68 had the lower windshield and require a different top. To use a 65-67 1/2 top on a 63-64, you also must use the upper windshield frame piece from a 65-67 1/2 or do some fabrication to hold it down to your windshield frame. Before traveling or having someone ship a top for you; I would suggest double checking everything to make sure the top is what you both think it is. Quality wise, we have found the "SnugTop" brand, made by Custom Hardtops to be the best. Any of the tops can be damaged or great however, depending on their history. One thing especially to look at is the part of the top that is to the rear of the side window near the bottom. A lot of tops get snagged there while being taken through a doorway and the top can get broken. The rubber can be difficult to locate even as a universal type replacement.

Most of the Custom Hardtops' tops have plates bonded into the fiberglass to attach latches, many of the other tops do not. Any fiberglass top can require work to these latching points, it's a lot easier if there is a metal plate to attach to. The Custom Hardtops' tops use the original softop latches to latch to the windshield. Some of the other brands use all kinds of hook configurations.


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