Datsun Roadster Side Moulding from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.
LEFT: 63-67.. ... .. ..RIGHT 67 1/2-70

... ... CONCAVE.. ... ... ... .. ... .. . CONVEX

TOP: 1500 Rear Moulding End near tailights

MIDDLE: 65-67 1600 Rear Moulding End

BOTTOM: 67.5-70 Rear Moulding End



Availability and/or price can be a problem with the side moulding. Although there are left and right pieces, the difference is just in the angle at the end that meets the door so it is possible to use the left on the right and vice versa if you wish. The 67 1/2 - 70 cars used convex (curved outward) moulding. Earlier cars used concave (curved inward) type. The 65-67 1600 rear moulding comes to a point at the end while the1500 rear moulding has rounded ends. Front moulding for the 1500 extends all the way to the headlight rim, later cars run from the door to the fender flare. You can use the earlier moulding on the later cars if you also use the earlier clips. The earlier moulding is still more economical to purchase, and is a lot more durable. The later moulding will scratch, dent and crease much easier. It's nice to always use the "correct" item but sometimes you can save quite a bit by going an alternate route.

A patient and skilled craftsman can redo the shape of the ends and "manufacture" convert other available pieces. I have seen this done but it is like working on a watch, extremely delicate work.

Front 1500 moulding, which is not available, can be "manufactured" by shortening a rear 1600 piece. I have even seen one job where they trimmed the end a little long, cut the end so it could be folded down to make a nice looking finished end. A bit of work, but that's why most people with restored older cars have something to be proud about.

For 67 1/2-70 type front moulding, if a damaged new piece or a decent used piece is not available you can "make" one by cutting a rear piece shorter and reforming the end to look like a traditional front piece. Check the Moulding Odds and Ends page, the damaged rear mouldings we notate as such if they are undamaged for the length necessary to "make" a front piece.

In the future we'll be posting pictures of less than perfect new pieces on the "Moulding Odds & Ends" page and used pieces on the "Used Stainless" page and/or will be offering restored pieces.


There is also a difference between 1500 and 1600 door moulding. You can use either, but for you purists out there, we've taken a picture showing the difference. The 1600 moulding (bottom in pic on the left) was altered on it's front end by flattening the moulding to help prevent damage when the door was opened all the way with too much force.

The angle on the door end is very small, which means you could use the right moulding on the left and vice versa and most people would not catch it.

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