1965-1967.5 Datsun Roadster TOP FRAME Information from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



The "65-67.5" indicates the frame fits

1965 1500s (SPL310-10000-11500)

1965-67.5 1600s (SPL311-00001-16500)

1967 (actually 67.5) 2000s (SRL311-00001-00999)

First off; we get a lot of inquiries asking if the front bow is collapsed or broken. If that WAS a problem we would surely mention it; but the 65-67.5 units are very strong; it was the 68-70s that come with a much bigger bow made from the same thickness metal! They had other problems that promoted damage. Be glad you have an older car!

Unless specified otherwise, the basic top frame comes without the components shown below. There are two front bow to windshield frame latches (#3 or #5). The #3 is the type of latch used from 65-67. In 67 the #5 latch was introduced to work with the then available visors. You can use the later type on the earlier cars. You can use the earlier cars on the later cars if you do not have visors installed. There is also a version for the earlier cars that looks similar to #3 but is has a more squared off latching "hoop". These latches are expensive and getting harder to find used. If you have a hardtop it may have these latches on them and if so you can switch them to your frame.


On each side of your car body behind the seats, are part #1 and #7. The #1 part is what holds your softop frame side support bars, the main posts that hold up the frame. These mounts are also used to hold most hardtops on the car. The #7 part is the receptacle that the #4 part slides into. The #4 part is the softop cable end bracket. The cars originally came with cables (actually a long tiny spring) that was inside the top material around the side windows. The spring cable acts like an elastic band, designed to keep the top tighter against the window glass. These cables were not available as a separate part. On one end of the cable was a sheet metal "eye" that attached to a screw on the sides of the front bow. On the other end was #4, a knife-blade like bracket that you hand push into the #7 clamp bracket. You pull down on part #1 as hard as possible then shove it into the clamping portion of part #2 to keep the cable tight. Universal cable is sometimes available at upholstery supply houses.



There are a couple of other items that do not come with a used frame. One is a curved and tapered bar that is sewn into the rear of the top. This bar is what slides under the "chrome teardrop" receivers that just forward of the front edge of the trunk lid. It probably be impossible to correctly reproduce this bar as it is curved in two directions, one of which is so it acts like a spring to hold the top's shape between the two teardrops. In acceptable look can be achieved however by using a "homemade" bar or using two shorter ones, one on each side. This is what is normally done when you get a tonneau cover or top boot. Used originals are sometimes available.

The other item is a very light piece of tin, cut into a curved pattern to screw on to the front bow after the top is glued over the front edge. It helps keep the top material fastened to the front bow. Most of these have been so beat up or rusted that there isn't much of the metal left. These can be easily duplicated by trimming some light metal like the home heating companies use. It doesn't need to be one piece it can be made out of a number of separate pieces.

The various parts above are usually available new or used, check both the TOPS AND TONNEAUS, NEW and TOPS AND TONNEAUS USED now and then. We are expanding the listings constantly.

The 65-67 1/2 frame are useable as sold. Frames that have specific defects are listed separately and have their own part number; in fact most frames have their own DU part number whether they have defects or not. We try to note anything like a broken bolt or stripped threads in the bow but sometimes those get past us; so assume they are there and be suprisngly delighted when they are not.

We'd have to actually restore one of these frames and install it and a top on a car to be sure exactly WHAT the condition is. All kinds of junk has been sold by others (usually individuals; as "OK" or "GOOD") with none of the above information forthcoming.

Click on any blue part number to see picture(s) and sometimes additional information on the particular used frame. Hit the "Back to Tops USED" link below.


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1965-1967.5 Datsun SPL310 - SPL311 - SRL311 TOP FRAME Information from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.