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There are both 68 and 69-70 top frames. Although either are useable on any 68-70; when you need a top or are putting rear hoops with separate front bow it is necessary to know what you have. A discussion of the situation with the frames and the different tops follows.

Both types have a gutter on the sides to deflect the rain that you could pull out over the window, the 68 type also continued this flap down the rear sides of the window. Technically, the "A" was copied from the 68 tops; the "B" from the 69-70s. We have used these tops interchangeably for 42 years; but they do have a slightly different shape. At the start of 1969 Nissan altered the frame shape and fortunately also the way the frame is made either out of necessity or just because it was a new production part. What that helps is telling the two types apart.

As I mentioned we have used these on either frame; using the customer's preference in flap design. Some people like the 68 design where you can pop the glass under the lip so the car can sit in a rainstorm... Some people hate that as it sometimes catches on the window when you roll the window up and then the door can require some fidgeting to get it open easily.

We need to discuss this difference now because as the tops get more expensive over the decades; top shops do NOT want to start work on a top and then notice the top part number is different than Robbins says it is. In the past I had to laugh at this (not at the shops) but at now three different sets of "what fits what" information that Robbins has put out; ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN WRONG. I also think that warranty requirements have been tightened up; even though fit information the manufacturer is putting out is INCORRECT.

There has also no discussion from top manufacturers of whether or not the frame on your car is what the car came with! True they all came with softops and tonneaus and top boots; but SO many have been lost or damaged or stolen that many many many cars are now carrying a "wrong" frame. Of course with Robbins part information wrong who knows WHAT top it should have... (unless you read this page...) What I'm trying to say is each of these tops have ALREADY been used on the "wrong" frames a jillion times. Oh if you're think I'm being mean spirited about this; I OFFERED to straighten out Robbins Fit Information decades ago and was rebuffed. What do I know; I just eat my meals and sleep in one of these roadsters every day! And no I wasn't condescending about it; everyone has their own weird chunk of knowledge. I've tried to dispense what I've figured out; or more correctly what 100 people have collectively figured out and sometimes told ME; that I happen to remember.

So what do you need to know? For best fit and best looks; not too tight anywhere and not too baggy anywhere; use the 977-84 on a 69-70 FRAME and a 977-11 on a 68 FRAME. (Again that is by what the FRAME really is. To determine the true MODEL year of your car not what the car may be titled as...see vin info here and here. If you use the "wrong" top the shop may balk at installing it or not warrant anything; and Robbins probably will not either. (Of course they don't know which frame you have anyway...) We have already had situations where a top installer doesn't want to put on the CORRECT top for the frame; because the YEAR of the car tells them (from Robbins info) that they should be using a different top. Fun eh?

Scroll down for pictures of the two frame styles and how to tell them apart.


1968 STYLE "A" #977-11
(rear of sidewindow)

1969-70 STYLE "B" #977-84
(rear of sidewindow)


1968 STYLE "A" #977-11 Gutter Over the Top of the Sidewindow


1969-70 #977-84 STYLE "B" Gutter Over the Top of the Sidewindow



The ends of the rear hoops are different; the links that connect the rear hoops to the front bar are different; and the adjustable height link is different.


Visible screws

Screws are "hidden".


LENGTH 4 1/8 inches


LENGTH 2 3/8 inches

Bolts center to center distance is 13/16 inch. Link is straight and almost flat.
Bolts center to center distance is 1 inch. Link is curved and definitely not flat.

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