Datsun Roadster Tonneau / Top Boot Info from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



The tonneau and top boot were not options; all cars came with them. Most cars if not all were shipped here wih the tonneaus installed and up. Used boots and tonneaus vary greatly in condition and we try to describe them as clearly as possible. Missing/damaged fasteners are noted. We have those fasteners that mate with the twistys and postys in the car if needed; as well as the twistys and postys themselves. See parts list on the TOP AND TONNEAU page in the NEW PARTS sections. Depending on what removed them there may be damage to the fabric itself which would make it difficult to reinstall snaps and cover up the damage. When we see that we take pictures Tears are noted. Listing will indicate if complicated original rear bar is inside or shorter workable pieces are installed.

Sometimes most or all of the value is in the original bar. A new repro top boot does not come with these bars. Sometimes they come with a couple of 4 inch pieces of metal to hook on your rear deck teardrop clips. The original bar was tapered and bent to a shape or bendable to a shape that would apply down force in between the two clips.

Being rolled up or folded in the back of a car for years or decades doesn't help these. Most are dirty and stiff and require lots of elbow grease to get them clean. If stiff; sitting spread out in the sun for hours can make them more manageable. A real hot soak in a tub is helpful also but you can't spread it out.

It takes a lot of work to clean one; I am not up on the latest cleaners; you might ask a detail shop or a hardware store for ideas. Some cleaners are strong enough to harm the material. On a couple of the cars I've owned we had them spray dyed at a boat shop and even did an OK job ourselves once.


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Datsun SPL310 SPL311 SRL311 Tonneau / Top Boot Info from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.