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How DO you pronouce it? I've always used "TAW-NUH". I think the correct way is "TOO-NO". I've had people ask for a "TOO-NOW", TAW-NO, TON-EE, and my favorite, a request for a "TONTO TOP". (Must have been an old Lone Ranger fan,but I don't see the connection). However you pronouce it they cover up the seats, dash and "back seat" area, with a zipper down the middle so you can leave just an opening for a driver on those cold days. They are designed to be used only with the original seats. If you have replaced the seats with some other seat that does not extend higher than the door (no headrest portion) then it doesn't matter. If you have seats that have different then stock headrests, a built-to-stock-specs tonneau will not fit properly.

The "NOS" Tonneau is the exact same item that came with every roadster. It has the rear bar that slides under the rear deck "teardrops" already sewn into it. This is a rather complicated tapered item with 3 curves. The grommets for the "twistys" and "postys" are already installed in the tonneau, to exactly match your year car as it left the factory. Material is completely original. They originally were available with or without headrest pockets, depending on the particular car's equipment. There were also versions made that were already modified to fit around the original rollbar. The supply of the original tonneaus is shrinking and not all of them are available. Original tonneaus for 67 1/2 and older cars is the original canvas cloth material. In 1968-70 Nissan changed to a more conventional vinyl covered canvas.

CONDITION NOTE: These are NOS (New-Old-Stock). New in that they have never been in use; but old in that they were made back closer to when the cars were made. Nissan stored them in plastic bags but many were unsealed on one end. Fortunately the tonneaus were stored inside out; as they usually have signs of that exposure on the open end; dirt or light staining. It is on the underside only; but in case you were hoping for a 40 year old part that looks like it was wrapped yesterday; it isn't going to be the case; at least on the underside. I'm hesitant to try to clean them as I'm not knowledgeable in what works and what doesn't and using the wrong product can make things far worse.

When ordering an OEM tonneau you should acknowledge this info to us otherwise we would hold order while we send it to you. Thanks

Unless specified otherwise, these are manufactured by Robbins (like our tops). They are manufactured to be of the highest quality possible. We have been using Robbins since 1973 when my 1st roadster needed a top. As a user Robbins' products have been great, and we've had a happy and trouble free 24 years selling them. These do not come with a rear bar installed, you can use your old one, or make one, or purchase a used one from us. Actually most if not all of the tonneaus & boots the last few years have come with two short pieces of metal in each side which work to hold the tonneau down. They come with the appropriate bag of snaps and grommets which you should have a qualified upholsterer install to match YOUR car, so the part is not too tight, or too loose, so it looks good and lasts.

Some of the original tonneaus were pre-manufactured for cars that came with the optional Nissan rollbar. About 99.9% of the time this not the rollbar you have seen in a roadster. It is a very unusual multi-piece device made out of very small diameter tubing. The position of that bar in the car is different as well. There are a few different manufacturers that have made rollbars for the roadster in addition to scads of homemade "designs". If you have a rollbar, it's no big deal, most upholsterers can make the necessary holes, trim them out nicely with a slot with snaps or a zipper to the side of the car.

Many many years ago, late 70's I think, an excited fellow wanted to sell me scads of the cut-for-original-rollbar tonneaus, he thought he had hit the mother lode of roadster parts. I bought some but no where near the amount that he had hoped. If I hadn't already discovered the original rollbar was such a rare item I would have had to use them for shed roofing. It took forever to peddle the ones I did buy, and I think 90% of them went to Canadian customers. The original bar seems to be more common "north of the border". Must be all those ice racers, eh?


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