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There are two types of window lift mechanisms used on the 68-70. They differ by the method used to attach the window handle. Up to late 69 model year production the handle was held on by a screw in the center of the handle. Late 69 production and all 70 cars used a clip on handle. These two handles are pictured on the HANDLES section page. Since 30+ years have passed, it's common to see the cars "rearranged", so check what you have.

It would be better for parts availability if Nissan had just continued tapping all the regulators for the screw after late 69 but they didn't. To use a non-tapped regulator on an earlier car you'd have to have the handle mount portion drilled and tapped. To use a tapped regulator with the later clip on handles you'd have to cut a groove for the clip to engage in the peg that protrudes for the handle to mount on. You can of course use the "wrong" handle for your car. Some of the parts are cheaper then the other version, and people sometimes modify things to go that route.


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