Datsun Roadster Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



1600 - 2000

This does not fit any original alternator; but can be attached to the three threaded bolt holes in the engine block on the passenger side (above the fuel pump) and used as the basis of a fabricated system. People use these to make up something where they can hang their alternator on the passenger side instead of down below the exhaust manifold on the driver' side. This would take some welding maybe, drilling, and fabricating spacers and whatever is needed to complete the process.

The alternator pulley has to end up lined up with the water pump pulley so the fan belt can run without excess wear; and the bearings in the pump and alternator will not be subject to stress.

We usually have an assortment of slider bars; new or used; which will be listing as we get time. There is also typically a triangle mount plate that you would attach to the timing cover bolts to support the front of the alternator as well. Those we will also try to get up on this website.

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