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4 BLADE FAN #210-04U

67 2000 and 68-70 1600/2000

NOTE: Picture above is of a NEW fan. Used fans; when available are typically dark and/or ugly from heat, stains etc. The car won't care; but you might.

For "smog" & "non smog" cars. The 4 blade fans are different on the two cars. (smog and non smog) Cars that originally had the air injection emission system (all 68-70 USA cars and some Canadian cars) came with a 7 blade fan with a 1.5" center hole. This was designed to try to bring the engine temperatures down during situations of extreme heat due to the distributor that had to be installed on the engines to meet the smog idle test. Locking up the 7-blade fan permanently was a large power drag and would make a car sound like a hurricane so a fan clutch was designed. The percentage of 1968-70 fan clutches that failed was tremendous, and Nissan came out with a solid block to replace it. The clutch was a good idea, it just seemed to fail when you needed it the most! The original clutch was also an unbalanced blob hanging on the end of the water pump shaft which is not conducive to long water pump life.

When this was changed a 4 blade fan was to be installed.

Your spacer should be a solid balanced block, some mechanics simply jammed a big bolt in the fan mechanism to lock it. Unless you want to replace water pumps or help the fan wobble off the pump into the radiator this is not a good idea. If you turn your engine over (big coil wire off, 4th or 5th gear, spark plugs out is easiest) you can usually identify the original fan clutch. It will have a hole in its side that will be visible without removing the fan.

All the 67 2000's and non USA "non smog" cars came with a 4 blade fan that had a different center hole diameter (1.25" versus 1.5") and a cloverleaf style spacer. Those spacers are beyond rare; but if you are missing these parts on your 67 2000 or non USA 68-70 we have the later style spacer blocks manufactured for either the 1.25" hole or the 1.50" hole. The fans we have both ways as well. It doesn't matter what your pulley is bored to as that goes on to the water pump; before the spacer is installed. All of the Nissan pumps have the 1.5" mounting surface and all of our spacer blocks will fit the original design water pumps.

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