Datsun Roadster Hood Slider Bracket from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



SAMPLE PICS of typical parts

Datsun Roadster Hood Slider Bracket from Rallye

Datsun Roadster Hood Slider Bracket from Rrallye

Datsun SPL311 SRL311 Hood Slider Bracket

DATSUN ROADSTER Hood Slider Bracket
#651-11U 1968-70

Normally riveted to or spot welded to the left edge of hood; is the travel track for the hood support rod. Attaching this would allow a 63-67.5 hood to be used on a 68-70. The hood latch would still be different on the 70; and the stainless hood trim would still be different; and the emblem holes would still be different if you trying to make a 63-64 hood work on a 68-70. For more info see "What Fits What" page.

Pic 1 and 2 is what the part looks like after you clean off excess metal. Most of the time they will resembled the 3rd picture i.e. removed as quickly as possible; with trimming and extra sheet metal needing to be removed before installation. Once in awhile we are able to pop them off cleanly but not often.

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