Datsun Fairlady Roadster Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

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FRONT FENDER, RH, 67.5 - 68, #DU63-23

(sold without headlight bucket assy)

Pictures are currently provided to show front portion of fender. (This fender can be cut to your specificatons). We were thinking this fender would only be useful to someone who wanted to just replace the front half of their fender; but pictures of the rear portion of this fender have been added below. If you are looking for an entire used fender with better a rear section; please check other used listings or NEW or ODDS AND ENDS. If the entire fender is wanted; normal packing and shipping charges for entire fenders applies. See sheet metal info link on USA/CANADA FENDERS, HOODS, SHIPPING INFO.

This fender can be used be used on other years. Click for fit information

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