Datsun Roadster Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

68-70 HARDTOP DU73-04


This hardtop is from the best manufacturer (Custom Hardtops "Snugtop"). The tops made by Custom Hardtops use safety glass (not plastic) in all windows. The tops are far less likely to delaminate then other brands I have seen. (Top has inner and outer shell bonded together).

This top does not include the 3 windshield to top latches. At one time the top was damaged on a rear corner, for some reason the solution was to cut off everything that was damaged. You'd have to be a skilled craftsman to repair this, or the top could be combined with another to make one top. Rubber is getting tattered.

Hardtops are not shipable, they must be picked up locally. If you are considering this be sure to give us at least 3 days notice, more if you are coming from a distance. These may be in storage quite a distance away.


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