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2015 UPDATE;

In the past we ordered many parts in a 5 or 10 year stock plan. With many of the parts this is no longer possible as more and more sources of the original Nissan items dry up. Parts still somehow appear from time to time but it is getting more rare. We get many more emails now where someone says "I saw something on your website last week/month and now it is not there; are there any more?"

It is 45 years since the last roads ter rolled off the assembly floor and we have been VERY fortunate Nissan made so many parts; but they are going away at an alarming rate. Some items have had their prices jacked by Nissan to an unbelieve level; not just expensive; MIND BENDING; many on the order of 10 times the previous price. Those items we do not order anymore. In some cases we were able to negotiate a price about the time of the change for a small quantity that was beneficial; and by this we were able to keep most of the prices near what they had been. As with so many things we have; stock is limited to what we have

Basically what I am saying is if you want to get something; waiting may be an error...


Our inventory purchase and control method we have used these past decades has been simple. "Get it now; get all of it while you can or you'll wish you did." Insane for most businesses to operate in this manner but it has served us well over the years We have finally made the decision to get actual control over it and am in that process in the hopes of reducing the many places we have stuff stashed.

We have been reducing prices wherever possible to make it easier for people to buy stuff and in some cases that has hurried things out of here at a faster rate than we wanted. We will continue to do this. Sometimes it is noted by a red "Special Price" note or "3 for $___". Usually these come and go as we get closer to having what I feel is a correct amount of parts on hand. Other reduced prices may be just a normal "in black" price we will move down (and hopefully not back up) to get the out-the-door flow what we want.

All of the Red Price Deals are "You Tell Us"; they aren't in the pricelist I use everyday and I don't go look it up on the website when I fill an order. If you don't mention it with the order the item(s) will be at whatever the listed "usual" price is and it is a done deal. No "rainchecks" or alterations after that point; it is your choice to mention it or not. And as mentioned above; those can be there one day and not the next; there is no time duration. I've done these price chops with some parts and had a huge chunk of stuff disappear within a day or two; other items' stock levels drop slowly over months! I could roll dice and get as good an answer to what will happen when a price drops as any sales history I have in my head or in the computer.

In some cases with some used item we have actually started scrapping stuff; or made individual deals to bulk ship stuff to people with multiple projects in the works.

More and more reduced price odd parts are being put up on the "Odds and Ends" page or in some cases being put in the regular sections since many people just won't look at the "Odds and Ends" page. I hate to do that because then you have parts disappearing and appearing on the regular parts listings fairly rapidly.

The important thing to remember is that many things we have are now no longer available so when we sell what we have; that is it.


When ordering, be sure to mention it if you are ordering a part that the website says is wrong for your car. If you don't we may assume you made a mistake and not send it.

If you want to place an order contigent on availability of a certain item(s), you need to email. It's impossible to call and check this as there is always a 1-5 day batch of orders AHEAD of yours, this information is not available to whoever has the phone that day, I have to check your inquiry against the orders in the works at night. If you are told on the phone the order should go out in X days that does NOT mean it necessarily will be complete only that we can ship out what we have AT THAT TIME. If you aren't just emailing the whole order in you can email me before or after and I can do a check on what's what for you. If I've emailed that we have something 98% of the time it will be set aside until your order is processed during the next night(s).

I'm not infallible in this regard, but I know when you are planning a repair or upgrade event you'd like to know what the situation is with the parts and I will do my best to provide it.

This isn't some huge company with rows of people in cubicles feeding data into machines. (Remember, this is a DATSUN ROADSTER business, not a MUSTANG business!) If you are not going to order it IMMEDIATELY don't bother to check availability, as even an hour can make a big difference in any particular part. Maybe we'll get more in, maybe not. Lately it's been more "not".

Availability on items varies from "a lifetime supply" to "last one left yesterday." There are always orders in the works and things do run out, sometimes to never be seen again. If it's a critical repair part and your car is down we can at the least get back to you if there is a problem. Parts are going in and out of here at a fast clip, if we don't have one of the parts you asked about for a week I don't consider that a "problem". We're always happy to ship your order in 3 pieces of that's what you want, it's YOUR money. I don't guarantee that anything shown on this website will be available when you want it. In July 2000, the rate that parts evaporate from Japan's parts bins increased dramatically. The increase in sales we've had the past few years has only quickened that pace.

We try to remove the price for items we KNOW are going to be out of stock for over a month or more, but there always isn't time to do this. We can have 50 of an item one day and a month later have none so I have to say that any parts shown or listed are for entertainment and information value only! As far as availability goes, NOTHING IS FOR SURE!

Quantities available per sale may be restricted at any time. At any time any particular part may only be available in a multi-part kit. This may or may not show on the website. We will advise of this when you order or inquire via email. I try to keep this site updated, but to be honest after spending hours trying to make this site look the same when viewed by six different computer operating system/browser combinations, I sometimes think I'd be happier growing strawberries for a living. All that being said, we've got a whole bunch of parts and will do our best to get them to you!

I hate saying junk like the following; but in 2014 it must be said.

We reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE for ANY reason. The reason will not be given; just that we feel things are best served if we both go our separate ways. This isn't done lightly but there is a certain amount of something I can only describe as ugliness in the world and I don't want to be near it anymore.

What I will say is any denial of service WILL NEVER be based on your race, religion, ethnicity, gender, political preference or anything like that. If in the future we decide to stop shipping to your country; it is out of frustration and will still GLADLY work with anyone doing your shipping for you.

As parts get scarce we may restrict certain parts to sales where similar parts are purchased at the same time. This may or may not be described on the website.

The website overrules the old catalog; a current email or phone call overrules the website and an EMAIL after time to think OVERRULES A PHONE CALL if need be. That's why I like emails; everybody knows what was and was not said.

As I have said before; this website IS NOT LEGALLY AN OFFER TO SELL; it is just put up for my own amusement.


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