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Core Charges are not included in the listed price for a part; they are listed separately. Add the two prices together if you are not sending in a core item first.

* If originally paid for with a charge card; "full" value means 95% of amount paid; since that is all we will receive from your credit card.

Core charges are a charge added to the parts cost which is refundable when we receive your old part within 30 days. This is most commonly seen on rebuilt starters and alternators, but can apply to any part new, used or rebuilt. A core charge if applicable will be listed below the part's price.

If your rebuildable old part is sent in with the order, there is no core charge. Core charges are refundable if we receive an assembled, complete and rebuildable part back within 30 days of the date we shipped the replacement part to you.

0-30 days the core has it's *full value if it meets the other requirements outlined below.

30-60 days the core has 50% of its value if it meets the other requirements outlined below.

60-90 days the core has 25% of its value if it meets the other requirements outlined below.

At ninety days from the ship date of your order the item has no core value. If you want the item returned you can send a check for the original shipping amount and we can return it.

Cores have to be returned to us prepaid. They don't have to be clean but they can't be leaking oil or antifreeze either. A parcel carrier can hold you responsible for any damage your parcel causes due to leakage; or whatever cleanup costs they want. If you don't have a copy; you can take a clear picture of it and email it.

A copy of the invoice needs to be included with the shipment.If you don't have a copier; you can take a clear picture of it and email it.

Refunds will be in the same manner as you paid us; so we will need the credit card information again less the 3 digit security code.

The invoice number or core slip number (if we provided) must be in plain view on the outside of the box; otherwise it will sit outside in the will call box until you contact us about it.

Cores have to be in rebuildable condition. (Our determination) Please inquire if you are unsure whether your old part is acceptable as a core.

Yes we didn't used to have this policy but after finally realizing that we were kind of being used as a dumping ground and let our core pile shrink we have added these restrictions. Either that or no more rebuilt parts in the future.

Following are some examples of non returnable cores. This is not intended to be a complete list of parts or parts conditions that can affect value of core.

Any item that is not correct for the car. Doesn't matter if you found it in the trunk of the car or it was somehow hanging off the engine; it if isn't correct we have no use for it.

Basically anything other than normal wear.

Alternators without pulleys or with damaged pulleys or missing other parts, or with mounting holes elongated or stripped, broken cases. Alternators that have sat unprotected so they are oxidized (turning to dust) or frozen up are also not useable as a core. Basically it should be assembled and look like a typical used alternator except it probably doesn't work... Inquire before order if you have any questions.

Ball Joints, Upper whose mounting bolt holes are damaged or that have damage other than the typical worn ball and socket.

1600 Camshafts with keyways damaged, some non-original cam grind profiles, stripped threads, broken gear teeth, spun journals. There is a $21 charge for each excessively damaged lobe; and a $12 if the cam bolt is not returned (1500 - 1600).

2000 Camshafts cams with any base circle smaller than 1.280" are ineligible as a core except cams with at least one base circle 1.260-1.279 eligible for half credit. An "SU" U20 cam ("A") is not an acceptable core for a "Solex" cam ("B").

Cam Followers (2000 Rocker Arms) that are the old 1 piece type (look at the pad that hits the cam from the side and you can see if it is two pieces. Newer ones look like a chunk of cam lobe was welded on which is pretty close to reality. The old one piece type with the chrome coating ATE cams. Also ineligible are rockers that have been repaired before.

Carburetors that have sat outside or have otherwise started turning to aluminum dust, frozen up or with missing/damaged throttle bodies or domes. Missing parts that are not normally replaced during are rebuild will be deducted from value as well. Stripped threads, damaged holes or anything else that would prevent the carburetor from being rebuilt without replacing non wearing parts.

Crankshaft Pulleys (vibration dampeners) that have chunks out or damage to belt area or keyway

Hydraulic Cylinders where the aluminum has oxidized. Like rust on steel parts, usually a white powdery substance forms on surface. If cylinder has had fluid in it the whole time not necessarily a problem if it is minor and limited to the outside of the cylinder. Stripped threads, missing parts, broken mounting ears are some other defects that will reduce or eliminate or the part's core value.

Thermo Housings and Top Plates (1600) that are cracked or have stripped threads or have been pryed on and gouged (unless surfaced to remove this), top plates that are obviously bent up. The three hole top plates are not needed or can be sent back smashed flat! (we have quite a few)

Waterpumps with broken cases, missing rear plates or flange, stripped holes, elongated holes, redrilled holes, oxidized (turning to dust), pumps that have been run with bad bearing or bent shaft long enough to damage case. Damaged gasket surfaces on pump.



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