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Read before ordering used parts to avoid surprises later...

First thing to understand is we will not knowingly ship a part we do not believe will be a good usable part. Any part we are selling because it is "better than nothing" will be pictured and described that way. Our "DUxx-xx" part numbers are INDIVIDUALLY photo'd parts. The picture will match the part. The normal used parts "xxx-xxU" just a sample picture of the part to ID is shown or maybe just a link to what a new part looks like. That is because EVERY example of that part number that is shipped will be a functional usable part. Like a won't be rusted through or have a bolt broken off etc. Most items where there is an appearance issue are set aside as "DU" part numbers so you get a picture of THAT part. We CAN take a picture of any part; it will just slow things down a bit. It is NOT an "inconvenience; a questioning customer usually ends up a happy customer or at least not an unhappy one!

I don't know what else is being sold out in "cyberland" but we have been hit with a lot of unusual questions the last decade or so indicating some real junk has been sent out with inadequate notice as to its true condition. We can take additional pictures if you feel the one offered is inadequate for your needs.

Before Ordering Used Parts, Email and
Request a Stock Check

At that time if the part is listed with varying conditions please let us know if you will take parts other than your requested condition or a new part if necessary. And no we won't substitute a new part or one in another condition without you requesting it. We are just as happy to sell a used part as a new one.

Used parts seem to be going in and out much quicker than in the past. You will need to email for a definite availability answer, the person on the phone will not be able to access this information. Used parts are not in the "normal" inventory system and even sourcing the part can take time as most are not even at this location. We also have to compare your request against any outstanding orders already here.

Even those that have a specific part number for a specific example (DUxx-xx) may or may not be available. They may not get taken down off the website until some time after the part is sold. We try to at least "gray it out" but may not have time.

The general USED parts list items are not taken down when we are out of an item. If we did that we would have no time to do anything else.

Searching for and pulling a used part can EASILY delay an order 1-3 weeks. (A full "God-help-us-if-we-can't-find-one-search)

I wish we had the slack time to get the used parts all put away on the shelves in advance like the new parts are! It's a SLOOOOOW process. Prices for general condition Used Parts that don't have their own unique part number are listed almost all of the time even though availability fluctuates wildly . A used part listing does not indicate available stock. If we remove and replace used parts listings everytime we go in or out of stock we would not have any time to process orders... Thanks

We have parts scattered in many storage buildings some distance from where we usually are. We don't give up easy on finding your part but it can take time. We may have someone locally that has been wanting to swap us this for that as well.

You can also put in the order "search for X days and then PUNT." We read your special requests and try to follow ALL of them.

Selling Used Parts

This can be difficult at times. Everyone has different perspectives on what a "good" or "bad" part is. I've noticed some of the British suppliers have abandoned selling used parts altogether. We are continuing because a lot of you at times have wanted a more economical solution to a parts search. Sometimes it's used or nothing, as the new parts supply dwindles down. Our solution is to do our best to describe parts as to their physical and mechanical condition. We try to be as accurate as possible or to "underestimate" the condition. Some parts need a liability waiver sent to us before we will ship. Without such measures many items we would just scrap, regardless of condition.

You may see an item and a description that makes you think "Why are they bothering to sell THAT used part?" Almost everytime we used to scrap something, someone would ask later for the same condition part! Not everyone is doing a 25K restoration, some are trying to keep roadstering on a tight budget, doing as much labor and "fixin-it-up-themselves" as possible. ("Restoring a car is much more than just assembling new parts) The parts I see selling for "normal" prices for people restoring 30s and 40s cars can be REALLY bad. There are however skilled people walking among us that would rather use their abilities than spend money for a new or excellent part. I've seen this again and again; so we will continue to put up items some of you may be shocked by. Sometimes the value is in some of the components but we are leaving the entire (ugly) assembly in one piece for the time being. These items are not sold to unsuspecting people thinking they are getting something else; we do our best to photograph and/or accurately describe what we see in a part. I've been criticized on many occasions for my lack of agressiveness in pushing parts. "Dann acts like he doesn't want to sell me the part" So far I've never had to push stuff; why start now 40 years after I began this Datsun journey? Sadly, as time goes by, more of these marginal parts end up being converted to tuna cans as our storage areas fill up.

Beginning in 2013 we began the most serious scrapping process we have ever done. Painful; yes; but I've been warning people for years we couldn't keep so many danged locations/buildings filled with every possible thing. Everytime I "give back" a shed or part of a barn or basement to a friend they are happier and I guess I am too; as it cuts down on my constant shuffling parts and traveling.

You many times have the option of seeing the item beforehand. On most items where physical condition of the part is important, we can add pictures to the website. Depending on our workload at the time, this may however delay things as on some days our time is filled with answering the phone and processing more typical orders. As time permits, more pictures of used items will be available on this website. If there is some other aspect of the part you have questions about please ask; we will do our best to provide answers.

Condition of Used Parts:

As society changes; these explanations just keep getting longer. I miss 1976. Maybe I was just naive back then but it sure seemed easier...

We do not knowingly send out a defective part; and if a part is received and found to be not as described, or in a condition that is deficient in some way it can be exchanged for another part. Packing and shipping charges are not refundable/creditable. If a mechanical defect is found upon receipt of the part and a replacement exchange part is not available we can refund at 96% if a charge card was used or 100% if a check or money order was used. This excludes parts that are bigger than about 2 feet by 1 foot or that did not come by UPS or that required prepayment; typically non mechanical parts. Please inquire at time of order.

NO WARRANTY on used parts - sold as described and in "as-is" condition

In some cases it may be necesary to perform minor work to a part to make it perfect. Although we would love to have the time to get a thermostat housing surfaced; or get a pulley seal surface polished it usually does NOT happen. I will try to always list those considerations on the part description. I'd love to clean and replate EVERYTHING. There is not only no TIME but as (10/2014) we are much closer to the end of things than the beginning; it doesn't make sense to invest money in increasing the holding cost (and selling price) of an item we may very well end up SCRAPPING.

People typically don't want to wait while we find time in the following weeks/months to go have the work done to the part. Time? Geez; I hope you don't think I am sending out emails at 10pm or all day Sunday because I have nothing else I'd like to be doing... :-)

Electrical items; unless sold as "INOP" or "For Parts" are tested for proper operation. If however there is a problem with your car you can fry the replacement for the same reason your previous part failed.

Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.; its officers and employees accept no liability for damage caused by defective parts and offers no allowance for labor or incidental cost. Closely inspect all parts on receipt, prior to installation. If they are defective, we will exchange them.

There is no responsibility for improper installation or usage after time of purchase, seller is not liable for and purchaser accepts any and all direct or consequential damages which result from the sale and/or use of the above parts including but not limited to, labor charges to install or remove the parts, damage caused to any other part of the car, loss of income, wages or salary or car rental charges, injury or death. Buyer's sole remedy against seller shall be a refund less shipping and handling charges; and less 5% if paid for with a charge card; or an exchange of a replacement part if returned within 30 days. This excludes parts that are bigger than about 2 feet by 1 foot or that did not come by UPS or that required prepayment; typically non mechanical parts. Please inquire at time of order. There are no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.

Mechanical parts carry no warranty of any kind, it is solely up to your mechanic and yourself to decide if you want to use the part or not. The risk is YOURS. We'd scrap this stuff in a second before we'd assume liability for it's condition. Some items have a specific waiver be must have returned to us before part can be shipped. Working on and driving an old car carrys risks; even in normal operation and use. Risks of INJURY and/or DEATH.

All used parts or merchandise must be inspected by buyer for defects or safety hazards. Seller states that it in no way guarantees or warrants used merchandise for apparent or non-apparent safety hazards and affirmatively starts that used parts or merchandise sold may have safety hazards, and it is the responsibility of buyer to inspect for actual or latent safety hazards or hire an expert to so inspect.

Buyer affirms that before he or she installed the part(s); Seller requested that he or she had a qualified individual or company examine the parts or merchandise, to ascertain whether there were defects therein; the Seller afforded to buyer an adequate opportunity to make such examination before he or she installed the parts and that he has examined the goods as fully as he desires for the purpose of determining whether there are defects.

Used Parts Can Be UGLY.

Used parts are just that...USED PARTS, usually just as they were pulled off the car, dirty, ugly, whatever. We're just too backed up most of the time doing orders to be able to stop and spend anymore time then it takes to go up to 100 miles and pull a part off a car. I keep thinking things will slow down enough for us to get ahead of the game, but it's been like this ever since I answered "I DO" when someone asked me 42 years ago who works on my car... I could hire someone to clean parts and spruce everything up, but you'd be paying the price. Things around here have ALWAYS been jumping and that time it takes to drive over to the shop and clean something can easily become days/weeks of delay in you getting your part. Sorry; the younger members of my clan worked here as youngsters and want no part of continuing that adventure now that they can get "normal" jobs.


We try to be as specific as possible with descriptions. Some things we sell as operating objects; like a lamp for instance. We may have one we are just selling for parts and if we know it doesn't work we will say so or say we don't know. People want parts at all kinds of prices and are willing or not willing to accept all kinds of conditions. I'm a car hobbyist too; I try to go off what I would expect in buying something. I might buy a used part with something obviously wrong with it; knowing I could save some money by fixing it myself; but would definitely WANT TO KNOW THIS BEFORE PURCHASE.

You are NOT bothering us EVER by asking questions; even one right after the other. The more you know the happier I am.

Used Sheet Metal

For many years we did not ship used sheet metal; it HAD to be picked up. Descriptions can be faulty (but not with bad intent). Photos can help greatly but still do not always tell the complete story. Eventually I began lessening my resistance to the so many of you that complained that making a 1000 2000 3000 mile drive here was a bit difficult... For the most part shipping this stuff has worked out but the potential for problems and unhappiness are still there. This isn't a one time deal for us; I WANT this to work out as I want you coming back over time for other things. This motivation has kept us going from before the dawn of "Rallye" into my Datsun hobby days 38 years ago.

Since larger parts are expensive to ship and are not returnable; I strongly suggest you have a knowledgeable friend or body shop arrange to look at items before purchase if at all possible; or at least talk it over with them. The actual packaging costs, shipping costs (whether or not stated as shipping is getting worse and worse and you will find the actual cost is far less than you think when you look at the price. Heck on some days I've even met people and GIVEN some stuff away; as time passes so does the scrap day come closer! With steel currently going at a get-rich 3 cents a pound always better to sometimes pass it on knowing at least it will go to someone's project.

I have no desire to sell ANYTHING that someone isn't happy with. All I can do is take pictures and to the best of my ability describe what I see. I can't be held responsible for what is under the paint. Sometimes the work of a frustrated sculptor is easy to spot; sometimes not.

Used sheet metal parts we photograph in as many angles as we can think of to show the overall condition. This is only part of the story though. Other than tell-tale sloppy work there isn't a way to really know what is underneath the paint; or under any filler. I've had perfectly nice looking parts make a body man cringe and also have handed them what appears to me as rusted bent up junk and had them say "no problem". As to body filler; when properly put on a previously damaged part it may last a lifetime. Put it on improperly and it can ruin a new paint job. There is no way to easily discern if there is filler or not unless you take every part down to metal you just don't know; and doing that can make an expensive repair. There will ALWAYS be filler on some areas as with say front fenders; the original part is made up from pieces; it isn't a one piece stamping. It takes a certain amount of filler to prepare a NEW fender for installation.

There may be broken off bolts and/or stripped out bolt holes. On front fenders some of the holes for attaching the fender to the inner fender of the car may be torn so they are no longer a hole and will have to be repaired. We are as gentle as possible when removing parts; but it isn't worth fighting a rusted screw with $60 in labor when the part will cost $100. Might as well let it go to the tuna can factory. Sometimes the parts are removed in a location that is other than our main shop.

As with the 40 year old "new" sheet metal parts; I'd remove all primer and paint down to bare metal. It can cause problems later. I don't know that I would install any used fender/hood/trunk without having it dipped to remove rust; but again; that can remove filler that was put on properly and cause great expense to repair. Discuss this with your body shop. Preparation is 80% of the job; spraying it is 20%.

There may be waves in what appears to be a good hood, fender or door. I don't pretend to be a body man. If it doesn't show in a picture I probably haven't seen it either. The multipiece hoods may need work done to the area in the front where the different pieces are put together. These can weaken. There may be rust between the panels that make up the trunk or the front fender brace. The hole(s) for the mirrors, emblems, antenna, or moulding may be welded up, puttied over or drilled in the wrong place. Same with the holes for the twistys and postys for the softop and tonneau mounting points. Again; we WELCOME the idea of meeting you or your representative so you can see first what you are buying. I'd rather scrap it all than make anyone unhappy; but a lot of people HAVE fixed their cars using old parts. I don't have anytime for anything anymore (it seems) so I can't pack and ship these for no purpose. These panels are YOURS forever. If you need different pictures let me know; and I always try to HIGHLIGHT a flaw when I take a picture; not hide it. Many times the picture; especially of chrome/stainless parts; will look worse than the part!

Large Parts: Local Delivery Possible (and suggested)

A large part may have 3 costs associated with it. Part Cost, Delivery Cost, and on some parts, Packing Costs.

On large items it is sometimes possible to skip the delivery and packing costs if you would like to have a driver meet you locally. There is no charge to do this. Please inquire in advance of order. Also good for getting a real look at the item or if you are wanting to choose between 2 parts.

Feel free to contact us as many times as you want, with as many questions as you have about any part. Our goal is, as always, no unhappy customers.


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