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First, there are at least a couple of dozen ways of doing a webpage. It will look different on every one. Your screen resolution, your operating system, the size of your monitor, your available fonts (typestyles), how big you like things to be easy to read; how big you normally have the "pages" on your screen. We have taken a middle of the road approach.

Your browser will have an adjustment to make the type look bigger or smaller. That is an easy adjustment you can do to make this website look better to you. You may find you like using your computer better with the screen resolution changed as well. Manufacturers have to set it at something; your computer will allow you to adjust it to your liking.

If you see something on the site that appears definitely wrong or not working; PLEASE let me know. Thanks!

It may seem complicated at first but I set the website up to be easy and people seem to like it as it is. We update it quite often and I think it will become even easier over time. I wish I could just stop the rest of the work around here and go full time at finishing it. Not like in 1981 when I could just skip a night's sleep working on the catalog whenever I wanted.

The most important aspect of roadster parts ordering is knowing that the year you think your car is; that the title says it is; can easily be WRONG.

Please see "Year Your Car Really Is"; otherwise you may get the wrong parts.

Anytime you order parts; include your "vin" (vehicle identification number) and engine number to guarantee you get the parts your car would have had when it left the factory. Please see "Identifying Your Car" if you need help finding those numbers. We will then keep them on file in case you order again and are away from your notes. Be sure to let us know if your car changes or if you have more than one car.

This still does not guarantee the parts will match any "modifications" that have been done to your car to "improve" it or to save the previous owner money. Many roadsters have become "omelet cars". We only have the knowledge of what your came with from Nissan. Reading the "Year Your Car Really Is" page will provide a lot of information to figure out some of the things that are wrong with what your car is supposed to have. Be sure to let us know if you know your car is modified.

There is a NEW PARTS index; a USED PARTS index; and also an "ODDS and ENDS" list of NEW parts that are unique in some way; example: We might just have one of a set of the part; the part may have a component missing; etc etc. Blue Link Buttons to these three areas are on most pages.

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All prices are "each" unless specified otherwise.

If it says "1 of 6" that means the price is for 1 of the items but the car has a total of 6 of the item.

Click on any underlined and/or blue part numbers to see picture and sometimes other information.

Lack of picture indicates LACK OF TIME not lack of parts! If you need a picture posted just email and we'll get one up. If you are just plain having difficulty finding a part; drop me an email. You may be able to also call and get an answer; sometimes that is possible sometime not. I usually check emails every few hours most of my waking hours and on most weekdays, weekends, even holidays. (That's often when people have their cars apart!)

Pages for one individual part will not have a price on it. If you go to an individual part page first you have to go back to the section page to get prices. (CLUTCH, BRAKE etc)

Many section pages (clutch, transmission etc) have a blue link button for a SMALL PARTS page; there you will find washers, bolts,clips etc for that section.

All descriptions and fit information is for a USA LEFT HAND DRIVE CAR unless specified otherwise.

"LEFT" and "RIGHT" This is determined by looking at the part as if you were sitting in the driver's seat of a USA (left hand drive) car.



If the used part has a part number that starts with DU (DU17-4 for example); any picture or information given will be for THAT specific part.

If the used part has a "normal" number like 172-10; there may be a picture of a few of the part or there may be a suggestion that if you need to identify the part in question to look up the NEW part and look at its picture.

Unless the part has a "DU" in front of it; the picture would be of just any available SAMPLE of the part; which may have been sold 15 years ago. Used parts like these are usually just run of the mill used examples where appearance probably isn't a factor. Where appearance IS a factor we photograph each used part and give them specific DUxxx-xx part numbers.

We use a form of shorthand to describe different model years of cars on some of the pages. It may seem awkward at first, but you will probably find it makes it easier to scan lists for things that fit your car. This list is also shown on each parts category page. Applies to TRUE YEAR of car not what may be on your title. INFO

A = 63-64 1500

H = 67 2000

B = 65 1500

I = 68 2000

C = 65-67 1600

J = 69 2000

D = 67 1/2 1600

K = 70 2000

E = 68 1600

15 = all 1500

F = 69 1600

16 = all 1600

G = 70 1600

20 = all 2000

* = check description

All = fits all roadsters

Getting Around on the Site.

Almost every page has links to the HomePage and Main Index. On each section page like "BRAKES", there are link buttons to the New Parts Index, Used Parts Index etc. Most people after a short time get so they can bomb around pretty easily. Let me know if you have problems, comments or suggestions!


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